Manel Sacadura

Manel Sacadura

Manel Sacadura's career started in '81, fresh out from art school, as in-betweener at Opticalprint. Soon evolved to animator, and then to director.

In those early professional years computers had no yet taken in the industry, so he practiced a lot of classical cell animation, as well as stop-motion and all other animation techniques, and also a lot of sfx and post-production in film. What a great school that was!
So the transition to computers and 3D animation came easy.

In '96 with two associates he founded a production company - TRIX, that steady and swiftly became a respected and important player in Portugal's advertising and brand communication scene.  It was there that most of his professional skills thrived and evolved, directing live-action and animation.

But after two decades, it was time to move on. So he matured the decision of taking the leap for a reset-and-restart.

And that's how the story of Homy Animation begins!

You can find some of his previous work on Béhance or Vimeo.

Thanks for reading!  😃