Art at Colombo

Art at Colombo - 10 Years

A celebration of the Arts

Ten years ago, the arts arrived at Colombo. Since then many artworks have been presented at the mall, from Lichtenstein to Dalí.

To mark the moment, State Of The Art agency proposed the challenge of building a film based on the imagery of each exhibition.

Homy Animation teamed up with Post United to create, and bring to life this celebration of a decade of striking exhibitions.


Director/Visual Concept/VFx/Audio: Manel Sacadura (Homy Animation)
Production/3D/VFx: Rui Veiga (Post United)
DOP/Camera/Drone: Ana Pinheiro
Assist. Cam: Miguel David
Agency: State Of The Art
Client: Sonae Sierra/Colombo
Produced by Post United

(note: due to a subsequent rights management issue, one picture was blurred out around secs. 30-32)


The storyboard defined the action and the visual concept. To make it's reading easier, it was rendered using color only on the elements to be superimposed and animated.

Some preliminary tests developed by "3d ninja" Rui Veiga (Post United)

Shooting On Location

The live action shooting took place at Colombo Mall during two days.
We used drones for exteriors and some interiors, and camera mountings on slider and gimball.
In one of the scenes, we used a LED panel as background, using a looping animation previously arranged for that.


The film première was part of the opening event for the 2020 exhibition, "Mundus Imaginalis" - a conceptual installation by the collective Error-43.

Thanks for watching!   😉