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Baby Berry

3d animation videos created and produced for Baby Berry channel


Manel Sacadura
3d anim:
Margarida Silva, Henrique Melo,
Leandro Rosales, Kleyder Porto,
Manel Sacadura
Manel Sacadura, Ruben Fonseca
Characters, Environment, Soundtrack:
Baby Berry channel


Baby Berry asked us to assist them on stepping up the quality of their Youtube channel videos.  First, the existing main characters geometry was improved, new textures added, and brand new rigs made.

We were then challenged to get charge of fully producing a small group of videos, achieving the goal of setting up the new quality standard.

Following that, as planned, the production was taken on by two larger companies, to one of which we provided script-breaking, directing, animatics, art support and animation supervising for additional 8 episodes.

Currently the on-going production is handled by a big-sized company, but the client opted to keep us on, so now we carry on the task of technical advice, overall animation supervising and general consultancy.

Check out all this and more on their channel:

Production Samples

This is the storyboard of one of the other episodes produced externally. Most of those pictures were adapted and used in the consequent animatic.

In the same file were also sent special notes on acting, or technical, references for props, etc.

Some props needed had to be created and rigged, and some characters had special rig features added.  Here's some examples of the notes about controllers set to animators.

Some demo images from pre-production stage: rig tests, facial expressions, new attires and textures 

Thanks for watching!  😃