Biggest Flower In The World

The Biggest Flower In The World

Small series of 4 episodes, based on a children's short story by Nobel awarded writer José Saramago, produced for educational support in class (portuguese and spanish versions)

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Dir / Art dir: Manuel Sacadura

Lip-sync + anim: Armindo Teixeira

Illustration + graphic design: Elvira Moreno-Tapia

Client: OEI / Prod: Help Images

Script: Raquel Clemente Martins @Help Images General

Dir: Ricardo Nogueira e Raquel Clemente Martins @Help Images

Sound: André do Aúdio @fast forward

Voice Over: Rafael Nobre

Soundtrack: Juniper by Rex

Banner Photos: Designed by Freepick

Acknowledgments:   Fast Forward, OEI, Fundação José Saramago

Concepts and illustrations

Some nice work-in-progress samples

Thanks for watching!  😃