Lisboa Na Boa_en

Lisboa Na Boa

Pieces of a grand campaign for Lisbon, spot on mobility and civility, featuring the originality of Nuno Saraiva's characters


Direction - Manel Sacadura
Characters/backgrounds - Nuno Saraiva
Animation - Manel Sacadura, Marta Sales, Madalena Pinto Coelho
Motion graphics - Raquel Ferreira
Sound design - O Menino Grava
Jingle- Tocha Pestana
Voices - Ana Vieira, Bruno Ferreira
Tv prod. - Proud
Agency- TorkeCc
Client- Lisbon City Council
Produced by Homy Animation

The storyboards


The storyboards with the detailed shot-by-shot planning, created by Manel Sacadura based on Xirica Marta (Torke cc)'s base plot, were made before most of the characters were created - so we had to invent some "stand-ins" to use here.

(use the sliders to browse)

Art by Nuno Saraiva

Here are some of Nuno's original drawings, that we then adapted for animation ( in extremely short timing in some cases )

Animation tools

The animation was made essentially in 3 softwares:  Photoshop for image setup and classical hand-made animation, Moho for rigged 2d animation (fast and flexible), and After Effects for complementary animation and final compositing.


Thanks for watching!  😃