Our Football Team

Our Team

Video commisioned by the Portuguese Football Federation.

It was a real challenge to keep up the extreme tight schedule of this production!

While João Lopes da Silva [Sardinha em Lata] was working on graphic development, Manel Sacadura [Homy Animation] took charge of setting the action, drawing storyboard and producing the animatic. Then followed a frantic animation-making phase for a numerous team of animators set by Sardinha Em Lata. We contributed with the 3D ball/ goal net shots, and mainly with great lot of after-effects animation, compositing and effects. 


direction: Manel Sacadura [Homy Animation] and João Lopes da Silva [Sardinha em Lata]
storyboard, animatic, 3D, afx animation: Manel Sacadura
character design, animation director: João Lopes da Silva
produced by Sardinha em Lata



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The story was created from the music jingle, in a very short time and while the graphic concept was developed.  The drawings were then adapted to the indispensable animatic .

Thanks for watching!  👍🏼