Sleep +

Funny little ad with a sleepy character

This film derives from the client's original radio ad: the challenge was to turn it into a visual piece.

Inspired by the audio, we created the character and situations for this funny little clip of traditional hand-drawn character animation.


Direction - Manel Sacadura

Character design / Animation - Carina Beringuilho

Backgrounds / in-betweening / Compositing - Manel Sacadura
Trace and color - Filipa Gomes da Costa
Sound design - Dizplay
Voice - Rui Unas (ZOV)
Agency- The Dreamery
Client- Tecnimede


The  storyboard was as always the main tool to  layout the action and for client's approval.

It´s drawings were then used to build the animatic thet set timing in detail.

Character design

As the storyboard was being developed,  Carina started on the character design, based on the guy in the picture of the client's billboard, and on the style reference we proposed.

Turned out pretty cool, right?

With the storyboard, character and concepts approved, the actual animation process started. Here's a little linetest:

Thanks for watching!  😉