The Tree Project

3 educational films about trees


These 3 educational films about trees are currently displayed at the multimedia exhibit, part of the educational tour at Monserrate Park, Sintra (PT), by Monte da Lua. The first focuses on the root, the second on the trunk, and the third in the crown (use the slider to switch).

We were challenged by Sardinha Em Lata to collaborate in their client's project with these 3 films. The contribution of HOMY Animation was the direction,  all image retouch and processing, animation, and technical finishing.

This unusual square format was required because each film is shown in a special thematic display, through a circular cut , as seen in the picture (i.e. the root display).


direction, anim: Manel Sacadura
scientific illustration/consulting: Sara Simões
image process, anim: Madalena Pinto Coelho
voice over: Joana Brandão
soundtrack: Daniel Camalhão
script/final client: Monte Da Lua
Produced for Sardinha Em Lata

Sketch gallery

some great preliminary studies by the scientific illustrator Sara Simões

Thanks for watching!  😃