World Asthma Day


Direction, production and animation: Manel Sacadura   ( Homy Animation )
Character and copy: José Maria Pimentel
Modeling, rigging, lightning, compositing: Rui Veiga
3D set and prompts: Sérgio Duque
Voice: Tomás Andrade
Sound: João Rola (Dizplay)
Agency: Paula Costa (byVinko)

Production notes

Vitinho is a very popular character in Portugal, almost in-printed on the memory of every pre-millenials. He was the mascot for a major cereal brand for about 25 years, widely merchandised, and starred a couple of short films broadcasted daily by in national tvs after dinner, reminding children "it's bed time".
I had the privilege to work this character in some commercials and this short films, in the beginning of my professional career - back in the era of pencil animation and painted cells. So it was a pleasure and a honor to accept the invitation of José Maria Pimentel, it's creator, to join in again on the start of Vitinho's big coming back!
The character has always existed as a classical 2D cartoon, and we had the challenge to  upgrade it to 3D. And for the first time in history, he speeks, too!
Now free of former brand commitments, the character's is aiming for awareness subjects, thus this film is a good restart.
In this book you can learn all of the character's history in the words (and artwork) of it's very author, José Maria Pimentel.

Art & Technique

some of the very thorough José's technical modelsheets for this project

body rig controls as set by Rui Veiga's mastery

Facial, hair and hat rig controls, set by Rui and customized by Manel

A few background colour studies

Thanks for watching!  😃